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Hungarian Sensation

Rita Faltoyano

PDM's May Centerstage is the beautiful Rita Faltoyano, a Hungarian Beauty who has dazzled audiences from Budapest to the United States with her breathtaking live shows and hot video performances. Rita has starred in more than 400 adult DVDs and has won several awards for her video efforts, including Best Eastern European Female Performer of the Year, Porn Star of the Year, and Best New Female Director. She was also crowned Best Feature Entertainer three years in a row at the Feature Dance Competition in Monte Carlo. An impressive resume, to say the least.

But our May flower Rita had humble beginnings. "My first job was working at the McDonald's in Budapest," she explains. "I was 16 years old when my parents started to enter me in beauty contests, and that's when my life began to change."

Rita was struggling to pay her way through college ("I was studying to be a jockey,") when she was offered a layout in French Playboy. Soon she was fielding offers from Hustler video, and she stopped flipping burgers to become a full time glamour girl and adult entertainer.

"I was 19 years old when I lost my virginity," she admits. "And when I started making movies, I still had only had sex with my boyfriend. But I became strong, and now I am proud to represent the adult industry as a Hungarian girl."

Perhaps genes played a role in Rita's destiny, as her mother was crowned Miss Hungary 1974, "and my grandma was a showgirl in the Moulin Rouge in Paris, 55 years ago."

Rita traveled to L.A. in January of 2003, upon learning of her AVN award nomination for Foreign Female Performer of the Year. She decided to stay a while.

"I love Los Angeles," Rita says. "Everybody is nice to me, the people are professional and the sun is always shining."

The only down side, Rita claims, is "the small number of 'real people' in the industry. There are so many show-offs and bitchy people, not to mention the competition between the female performers, which is ridiculous, since everyone has different taste."

"I can count my friends within the industry on one hand," she says sadly.

Rita admits she is alarmed by the lackadaisacal attitude some adult performers have toward health and hygeine.

"Our job is dangerous," she says. "We risk a lot every day. Sex is great and fun,but dangerous too. That why I respect Lexington Steele so much, because when he won an AVN award in 2004, during his speech he said, 'Kids don't be shy to use condom, because it's dangerous out there, and after heaven hell can come.'"

Rita's plans for future include working for UNICEF ("I'm already very involved with charity work," and settling down to start a family. But in the meantime, she is having a blast touring the world and entertaining her "wonderful fans."

You can learn more about Rita by visiting her website at Also check out, and

Age: 27
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair color: honey blonde
Tattoos; none
Shoe size: 6- 6 1⁄2








Story by:  Nica Jensen
Photos by: Casian
Make-up by: Jules

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